Role of Secure Networks in Enhancing the Cyber Security in Pakistan

The conference aimed at adjusting the vital issue of sustainable development of Pakistan and its linkages with cyber secure Pakistan.Mr. Effendi, shed light on the crucial aspects of Cyber Security in Pakistan, where the industry stands today, and the pivotal role Secure Networks is playing in ensuring safe and secure cyberspace of all industries of Pakistan.

Mr. Effendi, strongly favored the establishment of IT R&D departments in Pakistan, so that the country and its industries are self-sufficient in ensuring the fulfillment and implementation of critical steps, needed to safeguard the cyberspace.

The role of academia and education industry of Pakistan has played and still requires to play a significant role in not only inculcating the right concepts in the IT students of Pakistan, but also in encouraging students to take a different and effective route to render their services and strengthening the IT sector of Pakistan, according to Mr. Effendi.

According to Mr. Effendi, Secure Networks, not only welcomes fresh talent from the industry but also ensure the pertinent grooming of their skills and right propagation of their respective approaches in making them the IT pillars of the future.


CEO, Secure Networks (Pvt.) Ltd, Mr. Asad Effendi, accentuating on the key points of Cyber Security in Next-Generation Technologies.


President, Pakistan Information Security Association Mr. Syed Ammar Hussain Jaffari awarding shield trophy to Mr. Asad Effendi (CEO) – Secure Networks (Pvt.) Ltd.

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