Small businesses face countless cybersecurity threats. They are equally at higher risk in the market as any other medium or large size business organizations. These cyber threats can cause considerable damage to an emerging business and harm its potential position in the market. The Financial resources and assets of the company will suffer from severe loss of data.

Lack of cyber knowledge and insider threats may cause huge damage to the development of any business. Not only this, but some organizations are still using obsolete software for their data protection. There are various software that are prone to IT threats and will eventually fail to retrieve hacked information.

Therefore, small businesses may find themselves in some serious situations if they do not properly safeguard their important information and data. It might also pose risk to the valuable data of their customers.

Secure Networks offers Data Leak Prevention by Digital Guardian and Data Classification by Boldon James. These services provide our customers with fine-grain control, deep visibility, and industry’s broadest coverage of data loss protection to prevent sensitive data from leaking out of your organization.

Digital Guardian’s proven endpoint agent captures and records all user, system and data events, off and on the network. You can design the agent to block suspicious internal or external attacks automatically before the sensitive data is leaked or lost.

Another information security service we offer is Ivanti’s IT Asset Management(ITAM). It includes three major IT Asset Management solutions.

  1. License Optimizer for Clients
  2. License Optimizer for Servers
  3. Asset Manager for Endpoints

License Optimizer for Clients and License Optimizer for Servers, assist in discovering and inventory IT assets. These solutions also help in connecting with vendors for monitoring new purchases and then converting your license data into an accurate effective license position.

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