In modern world large organization are becoming easy prey for criminals to aim at. Most organizations fall short of completely securing their corporate information, records and data. The most important factor for businesses to sustain is the protection of data and records against malicious traffics and cyber-attacks. Over time hackers have become sophisticated enough to steal the corporate data and critical information from an organization’s system. This results in exploitation of organization valuable data in many ways.
Secure Networks offers firewall protection that secures your web servers from malicious traffic and prevents attacks to compromise your system. We offer WAF services by our vendor (F5) that utilizes both negative and positive security models for identifying, isolating and blocking sophisticated attacks that may affect legitimate application transactions.

Cyber security

It is essential for a business to protect its data from falling into wrong hands. Hackers are now equipped with innovative and sensitive technologies, which enable them to exploit system vulnerabilities, web applications, users, and breach parameters to steal valuable data. We provide Imperva’s SecureSphere Database Firewall (DBFW) that offers malware protection and other specialized security services to keep your data protected.

Secure Networks provides Gemalto’s TFA for our customers to protect respective data and identities from cyber-attacks. TFA services are based on various technologies, the most prominent ones are One Time Passwords (OTPs) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). We offer PKI encryption key management solutions to help you protect the keys at the heart of PKI as well as PKI-based authentication tokens that leverage the security benefits offered by PKI to deliver dependable identity protection

Email security is another concern for businesses and individuals alike. We have introduced Mimecast Secure Email Gateway services, which utilizes multi-layered, sophisticated detection engines to secure email data and of a firm and its employees from targeted attacks, phishing, Spam, and malware . Mimecast’s adaptive systems are constantly improving defenses to block both known and unknown threats. Contain spear-phishing attempts by reviewing every URL for threats and make sure spam and malware don’t reach the email system

Application Control services, by our partner and vendor Ivanti, is powered by AppSense and combines privilege management and dynamic whitelisting to protect you from unauthorized code execution without constraining users, and making your IT staff manually manage extensive lists. This service can help you and your staff in managing user policy and privileges automatically, and allow optional self-elevation when exceptions occur.

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